Electric Salon Massage Table from Lierre Canada

The ultimate solution for spas and clinics, the Electric Salon Table’s incomparable design meets the functionality requirements of the practitioner and provides a comfortable session for the customer. With four motors, this table not only moves up and down, but also diagonally. In addition, each segment of the table is also motorized so all positions are easily achieved. The table’s 3.5” high density foam system offers an incredibly relaxing experience for the customer.

Electric Lift Tilt Massage Table with Height Control Lierre.ca


  • Motorized tabletop lifts at four points in three directions (up, down, and diagonally)
  • Lift capacity: 650lbs
  • Easy to control: a hand control panel hangs from the corner of table top
  • Removable armrest, head rest cushion, and face cradle included
  • Elegant finish
  • Lower cabinets with smooth sliding doors provide ample storage space
  • Salon top with round corners
  • Table height: 20.8"-39"
  • Table length: 72.5" table top only
  • 3" thick soft foam cushion system
  • Soft and silky upholstery
  • Adjustable table feet offers stability on uneven floor

Electric tables are only available at the Laval store. Lierre offers some of the most competitively priced electric massage tables on the Canadian market. Our wide selection means that there’s a table for every type of practitioner and every budget, whether you require a high degree of adjustability, extraordinary comfort, or a bit of both. Our electric massage tables all come with whisper quiet and durable motors, 100% polyurethane upholstery and soft cushioning.

Aluminum Light Weight Portable Massage Table 26" Package Lierre.ca


Selected for the discerning customers, they will suit sophisticated spas as well as professional healthcare clinics. Lierre’s wide selection of massage tables includes high end and affordable electric massage tables, versatile and specialized portable massage tables, sturdy and dependable stationary massage tables, lightweight shiatsu futons, and a huge variety of practical massage accessories. At Lierre, we believe there’s a right massage table for every practitioner: we’ve selected models that will accommodate a wide variety of different therapeutic approaches, and that can suit any budget. From the simple and affordable Lierre Plus 2014 and the incredibly light Springlite to the luxurious Earthlite Callistoga, our portable massage tables are designed to respond to practitioners’ needs.

Shiatsu Massage Futon - Lierre.ca Massage Tables


Our electric massage tables are highly adjustable and comfortable, sure to delight customers; our stationary massage tables make fantastic alternatives to electric tables for customers looking for a more affordable option. Consult our selection of massage table accessories and shiatsu mats for a more customized approach to your practice!

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