Tips to reduce the appearance of cellulite, part 2
As a follow-up to our last article, we’ve outlined techniques and lifestyle changes that can help you reduce the appearance of cellulite and keep it from becoming more pronounced. Cupping and Massage Techniques The basic technique for cupping massage is fairly simple and straight forward.
  1. Apply massage products such as gels, lotions, creams or balms
  2. Squeeze silicone cups and put the cups on the desired area
  3. Gently lift the cups to create a slight tension, while making sure they still adhere to the skin
  4. Move the cups across the skin in large, smooth motions

For a more targeted anti-cellulite massage, however, it’s possible to integrate a series of other techniques to your routine to enhance the effects of this approach. Stationary cupping, flash cupping and massage rollers can all be useful complements to cupping massage.

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What you’ll need: Tools: 2 silicone cups, 1 anti-cellulite massage roller Massage products: Anti-cellulite massage gel and balm Instructions:

  1. Apply a sufficient amount of massage gels or balms on the desired area. The area should be fully covered, but not soaked.
  2. Using anti-cellulite massage roller to roll from the far end of the area to the closest to the heart. You should always roll on the same direction, do not roll forward and back. For example, if you have cellulite on your legs, you should roll the massage roller from the ankle towards the thigh. If you have cellulite on your arms, you should roll the massage roller from the wrist to the shoulder. Massage each area for 2-4 minutes.
  3. Apply more massage gels or balms.
  4. Sanitize your silicone cups, squeeze your cup a little bit and place it on desired area. The suction level should be low at first, until you become used to it. Glide the cup in the same direction as the massage roller. Suction levels can be increased by squeezing more air out of the silicone, for a more intense effect. Repeat this step for 2-4 minutes for each area.
  5. Move the cups in the same general direction, but in zigzag motions. This step will smooth out your skin more uniformly, and increase circulation. Repeat this step for 1-2 minutes for each area.
  6. Move the cups in the same general directions, this time in circular motions. Repeat this step for 1-2 minutes for each part of your body with cellulite.
  7. The next step is stationary cupping. Squeeze the cups as tight as you can to create a high degree of suction, then place them on the skin. Move them very gently, and only a few centimetres, without relieving any pressure, in the same direction as before. Wait a few seconds, then move it again. While the first steps helped stimulate circulation and drain the skin, this step is closer to a deep tissue massage: this approach is reputed to help break down cellulite tissues, however, the research is mixed on its effectiveness. In any case, it will help drain remaining fluids. Repeat this step 1-2 minutes for each area.
  8. Place your cups on the area with medium suction, and remove cups from the skin quickly for a flash cupping treatment. Repeat this step for 1-2 minutes.
  9. Almost done! The next step is to slowly unwind from the massage. Using the massage roller, roughly roll over the areas of your body that you treated to release any remaining tension.
  10. The last step is optional, but you may want to clean and moisturize your skin at this point to make sure that it is as smooth as it can be!

Here are some pictures on how to massage different parts of your body.


Reduce suction level if you observe cupping marks after these treatments.


Suggestions for Cellulite Prevention

Though these treatments can help you temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite, another approach is to keep it from becoming more pronounced. While cellulite is hard to completely avoid, a few lifestyle issues have been linked to its development and intensity.  Here are a few tips that can make a difference!

  1. Eating habits: It’s perhaps unsurprising, but what you eat directly affects your skin.
  2. Drink a lot of water – most people don’t!: Dehydrated skin appears duller and wrinkly, and a properly hydrated skin will look smoother, younger and more radiant. Try adding a slice of lemon or lime for more Vitamin C.
  3. Cut down on the caffeine: While one or two cups of coffee won’t make it any worse, overconsumption of caffeine – whether in energy drinks, sodas, coffee or tea – will also make your skin look less radiant.
  4. Double up on fruits and vegetables: Proper fibre consumption is linked to a reduced degree of cellulite.
  5. Avoid eating too much greasy, salty food: Especially if it is low in fibre, as these are also linked to an increase in cellulite. Overconsumption of salt in particular will make your skin look duller, and increase fluid retention in the skin. Trans-unsaturated fatty acids are also particularly bad.
  6. Exercising habits/working out habits:
Building a stronger, more uniform muscle base under the layer of fat in your skin can help make it look smooth, and
  1. Combing aerobic exercise with anaerobic exercise to help you build your body shape and tighten your skin.
  2. Keep moving!It’s important not to give up: while you won’t see results after one long work out, even adding half an hour’s walk a day will eventually show results.
  3. Increase your exercise level gradually, and be careful not to push yourself too much: it’s an easy way to get injured, and consistency rather than intensity is key. As we all know, Rome wasn’t built in a day!
  1. Reducing stress habits
Managing stress is a complicated matter. Though improved eating and exercise habits undoubtedly help, it’s important to manage stress before it becomes chronic. High levels of stress are linked with a vast list of health complications, but also with poorer skin, break outs, and yes – cellulite.
  1. Make sure you’re getting enough good quality sleep.
  2. Mindfulness and meditation exercises can help you stay calmer.

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About the acupuncturist: Xiao Lei Wang is a professional TCM therapist with Quebec registered acupuncturist licence. He focuses on helping patients with Traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping therapies. You can find more about him on his own acupuncture clinic website. You could also book an appointment on the website.


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