divine-essence-organic-celebration-30ml With the holidays underway and just a few days until Christmas, our Celebration blend is more appropriate than ever. A sweet, aromatic blend of sweet orange, cinnamon, and cloves, this festive scent is perfect for the season! Uplifting and delightful, it will remind you of pomanders, mulled wine, chocolate oranges and fresh baked cookies. So how did these scents come to be so associated to the holidays? Oranges used to be popular Christmas gifts, because they were one of the few fruits in season during the winter months, and expensive imports. Cinnamon’s association to Christmas is perhaps more obvious: it’s a popular ingredient in many baked goods. Finally, cloves are often paired with oranges because of their complementary scents – and since they add a bit of a kick to mulled wine, they’re a very familiar pairing. How can I use this blend? So many ways! You can diffuse it to create a comforting atmosphere; in a pinch, if you don’t have a diffuser, you can sprinkle a few drops in a boiling pot of water – though be forewarned, this method of diffusion strips the oils of many of their therapeutic properties. You can also use the oil to perfume homemade candles, massage bars or soaps by adding a few drops to the mixture. This Celebration Blend can even be poured into a bath! Lierre offers only the finest quality of organic, fair trade essential oils from the Divine Essence lines. Our essential oils are selected for their therapeutic qualities as well as their outstanding scents, and we aim to accomodate massotherapists and aromatherapy enthusiasts alike.These essential oils can be diffused, poured into a foaming bath, integrated into a wide variety of skin care and massage products, and even mixed into wax to create scented candles – the possibilities are inexhaustible! If you are interested essential oils or related products, you can visit at Lierre Essential Oils. Lierre offers the best quality acupuncture needlesmassage tablesmassage accessoriesclinic supplies,  personal care productsmassage supplies, and more at great prices. You can find out more great products at  www.lierre.ca