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We get asked this question a lot, and while there’s always guesswork involved, we’ve compiled this chart based on general observations. Of course, these figures only work given a relatively average muscle mass and frame. As a general rule, it’s best to use the largest size cup possible for the treatment area, in order to get the most powerful suction possible. Picking a cup that’s too large, however, means that it will fall off easily, which is particularly bothersome for cupping massage. The most foolproof way to evaluate the cupping size you need is to use a flat tape roller: the part of the tape that can lie flat across the treatment area roughly corresponds to the largest size cup you can use.  The bonier the surface, the more unyielding this measurement becomes.
<5.0” 5.0” - 5.6” 5.6” - 6.0” > 6.0”
Wrists Long Silicone Cup Long Silicone Cup 30 mm silicone cups 30 mm silicone cups
Calves, biceps and shoulders 30 mm silicone cups 30 mm silicone cups 39mm silicone cup 30 mm silicone cups 39mm silicone cup Silicone Cup, Standard
Thighs and back 39mm silicone cup 50mm silicone cups 50mm silicone cups Silicone Cup, Large 50mm silicone cups 66mm silicone cup Silicone Cup, Large 66mm silicone cup Silicone Cup, Large
Recommended Sets Silicone Massage Cupping Set (4) Silicone Massage Cupping Set (4) Clear Silicone Set, 4 cups Clear Silicone Set, 4 cups
Once again, these measurements are also based on assumptions about the area you want to treat: the delicate curve below the shoulder can’t be treated with the same size cup as the top of the shoulders, for example. The largest size cup for each category is usually reserved for stationary cupping, rather than cupping massage. The cups listed for the calves, biceps and shoulders are almost inevitably going to be the ones to get most used, barring specific conditions. Smaller than 5.0” Delicate frames mean smaller cups. These suggestions are also applicable for most children.
  • Wrists: Long Silicone Cup
·Between 5.0” and 5.6” Most of our cupping sets are designed to be used by individuals between 5.3” and 6.0”, but special consideration needs to be taken for individuals on the limits of these parameters, or individuals with exceptionally small or large frames.
Between 5.6” and 6.0” Our fourpiece clear silicone set includes all the sizes that a person this size might need; preferences between the open cup model pictures above and the button style cups become much more important when shopping for people in this range.
  • Wrists: 30mm cup
  • Calves, biceps and shoulders: 39mm silicone cup; Silicone Cup, Standard
  • Thighs and back: 50mm, 66mm silicone cup, Silicone Cup, Large
6.0” and up Larger bodies and frames are afforded far more options as far as cupping goes, and can therefore use the vast majority of models. Our largest size, the 66mm cup, is usually used for lower back pain in these cases.
· Thighs and back: 66mm silicone cup, Silicone Cup, Large
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